SanDisk’s wireless flash drive: A simple storage boost for your iOS or Android phone

november 7, 2013

might come in handy


I love my 32GB iPhone 5s(s aapl), but it’s barely a month old and I’ve already used more than half of the storage capacity. When my previous iPhone was at the end of its lifespan, for every new album I wanted to listen to, it meant I’d have to delete an old album to make way. Streaming is great, but Netflix(s nflx) and Spotify aren’t always available, and they don’t always have what I want to watch or listen to. What I want is unlimited physical storage, but for any phone without a microSD card slot, what you see is what you get.

That’s why I’ve really liked using the SanDisk(s sndk) Connect Wireless Flash Drive. It looks like pretty much any other 32GB flash drive, but a bit bulkier. Unlike other flash drives, however, you can connect your iOS or Android(s goog) device to it wirelessly, letting you…

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november 5, 2013

In a not so far gone past, I did love to go to the cinema. Part because it simply was the only means to an end, but mainly because it too was a meeting place, most certain the socalled arthouses where the opportunity to meet kindred spirits was rather large.

Nowadays the movies come to me which means I have to invest in a better screen and perhaps in a separate media & workroom.

Or are these: and something pure coincidentally?

Enlighten me about their status; somewhat legit or completely illegal